Overton Retreat includes large interior parks with ample space for ballgames and other family activities. Hiking trails around the two spring-fed lakes and throughout the property encourage interaction between all members of the community. In addition, a large pavilion on the north side of the lake serves as the central gathering place for social activities. The award-winning pavilion was crafted by Blue Ridge Timberwrights with hand-cut timbers and is clad with a custom copper roof. (There are several pictures of the pavilion on the Video Tour and Tour of Grounds.) For a detailed description of the Pavilion design, please click here.

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The Barn serves as the focal point for a variety of year-round activities and overlooks the second lake. The fitness room is fully equipped with commercial-grade Precor cardiovascular equipment, and also features a Paramount multi-station weight machine. The lounge includes a reading area and a gathering space for evenings and cold weather. Upstairs, residents can enjoy billiards, ping pong, a card table and other games. Two tennis courts with a FlexCourt playing surface are located next to the Barn. This playing surface significantly reduces stress on leg joints. The courts also include a practice rebound wall and basketball goal. One of the courts can also be easily converted for volleyball.


community images A unique set of architectural guidelines and community guidelines have been carefully developed to preserve the natural beauty of the environment. The architectural style of Overton Retreat was drawn from a combination of historic style influences and modern forms. The styles influencing the guidelines are Adirondack, Rural Gothic and Tennessee vernacular styles. Contemporary forms not typically found in these styles, such as curved or angled walls, more extensive use of glass, or towers, may be combined with these historic influences. Visit our Home Tour to see some excellent examples.

Likewise, a straightforward set of community guidelines has been adopted to maintain the peaceful environment for the benefit of everyone. As an example, boats on the lakes are limited to the use of electric motors. These guidelines will ensure that the natural tranquility of Overton Retreat is preserved for generations to come.

You are welcome to download a summary of Overton Retreat's Architectural Guidelines.